In this first Sziget blog, I will show you how Sziget transformed from a big festival to a major festival. For me personally, there was also a big transformation.

Why go to Sziget?

The Sziget Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the world. It is held every August in Budapest, Hungary. The word ‘Sziget’ is Hungarian for ‘island’. Every year the Obudai island in Budapest gets a complete transformation for the Sziget Festival. The festival has won several prizes, including the prize for Best Major European Festival in 2012 and 2015. In 2016, the festival attracted 496,000 people in one week. The visitors, called Szitizens, are coming from over 90 different countries. There are especially a lot of Dutch and Hungarian visitors. A lot of the Dutch people come with party trains, called the Sziget Express. These trains ave a big party wagon in the middle of the train. Seriously, everyone should go to the Sziget Festival with the Sziget Express once in his life.

Sziget drum and bass

Back in 2010, there was no drum and bass at the Sziget Festival. This has changed a lot. In 2015 and 2016 for example, Sziget themed up with Hospital Records to get some artists to play on the festival. Since 2016, there is a small 24/7 drum and bass stage. Big drum and bass names performing at Sziget include Netsky, Sigma, Noisia and Black Sun Empire.

Skill Behaviour at Sziget

I went to Sziget seven times now. It started with the Sziget Express 2010, where I played for 40 hours long all alone. After this, I got more backup in the trains and more gigs on the Sziget pre-parties and on the festival itself. In 2016, I played over 50 hours long on 6 different gigs. All this was in less than two weeks.

Sziget reviews

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