Sziget 2012 was my third edition of this major European festival.

Sziget express 2012

This year I got the chance to play on the Sziget Express, together with a friend of mine. This was awesome, because we could do exactly want we want and let the crowd enjoy all the kinds of music we like. A big success, the party was insane and a great way to start Sziget 2012.

One of the craziest things ever happened during this ride. Imagine a train that’s already riding for 20 hours with non-stop party. The party wagon is crazy dirty, and there is a layer of dirt on top of the floor. Almost arriving in Budapest, all of a sudden a guy pushed everyone to the side. And then it happened, a huge belly slide of over 10 meter throughout the party wagon.

Sziget 2012 pre party

This year, the Dutch organisation decided to let all trains arrive a couple of days before Sziget 2012 officially started. This was a good chance to enjoy some parties in the centre of Budapest.

A special Dutch Sziget 2012 pre party was organised in the A38, a big party boat parked in the Danube. I played outside on the top deck of the boat. I can still remember this party so good, as almost all speakers decided to quit on us. We even had to put the monitors directly pointed to the public, to get them to even hear the music.

Sziget 2012 line up

At the first day of Sziget 2012, there was a huge storm. I remember I had to play at 00:00, but everything was cancelled and delayed untill the storm was over. One and a half hours later, I could finally start my set. I played at the Holland Meets Hungary stage, which was really big this year. The stage had a roof and was totally packed. A great way to start Sziget 2012.

One of the headliners of Sziget 2012 was Snoop Dogg. I saw this karaoke show and decided to leave after 15 minutes. This was terrible. Other headliners this year were LMFAO, Korn, Placebo, The Killers and Sum 41. Also, Axwell and Steve Aoki were introduced in the Party Arena, which meant that EDM DJ’s were now welcome at the Sziget Festival.

Sziget 2012 drum and bass

Sziget 2012 was also the first year that some big drum and bass DJ’s got the chance to play. Names included Netsky, Dirtyphonics, High Contrast, Dj Fresh and John B. This was great and personally, I think the Dirtyphonics set was the best of them all.

Sziget 2012 rating

Sziget Express 2012 90%
Sziget Festival 2012 Pre Parties 70%
Sziget Festival 2012 Line-up 60%
Sziget Festival 2012 Drum and Bass 70%
Sziget 2012 Overall Rating 70%

Sziget reviews

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