Sziget 2011 was the second time I went to the Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary.

Sziget Express 2011

Because last year was such a big success, this year three trains departed from the Netherlands to go to the Sziget 2011 festival. All these trains departed on different dates. Together with two other DJ’s, I was playing on the train that departed as last. Too bad, this meant I could not enjoy the pre-party’s in Budapest.

This year, in huge comparison to last year, we rented two of the newest Pioneer cd players + mixer. This meant we could play on usb and this made things a lot easier. Too bad the other DJ’s were only playing techno.

Sziget 2011 line up

This year I had the chance to play on the Sziget festival itself. This was at the Dutch Meeting Point, a great venue on the main street of Sziget 2010. I introduced the people at Sziget to some nice liquid drum and bass.

The big headliner this year was Prince, who was performing at day 0. He performed a great show, in what would be one of the last opportunities to see him playing live.

The other big headliners at Sziget 2011 would be The Prodigy and Amy Winehouse, but she decided to kill herself  just a week before the festival. The Prodigy was great though. Other performers at Sziget 2010 were the Kaiser Chiefs, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Dizzee Rascal and The Chemical Brothers.

Sziget 2011 drum and bass

Except for me, the Sziget 2011 edition was completely without drum and bass. Too bad, because drum and bass was getting bigger and bigger in Hungary and in the Netherlands.

Sziget 2011 rating

Sziget Express 2011 70%
Sziget Festival 2011 line-up 80%
Sziget Festival 2011 Drum and Bass 40%
Sziget 2011 Overall Rating 70%

Sziget reviews

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