Sziget 2010 was my first experience with this big European music festival in Budapest.

Sziget Express 2010

Back in 2009, the first Sziget Express drove from The Netherlands to Budapest. It was a big success, so the organisation decided to drive two Sziget trains to Sziget 2010. They asked me to dj on the second train, which I of course could not refuse.

In 2010, I was dj-ing on cd’s. There would be 2 cd players + mixer in the train, so everything would be fine. My collection of cd’s was huge, so I was completely prepared for two times 20 hours dj-ing. Until I saw the set-up you see in the picture above. Boom. Not much mixing but at least there were two cd players. The crowd was insane and the experience of a big party while riding through Austria was amazing.

Sziget 2010 line up

It was too bad I did not get booked to play on the Sziget Festival 2010. But, it meant I had the time to enjoy the full program before playing again on the Sziget Express.

When I look back to the line-up of Sziget 2010, it is funny to see no big dj’s on the program. The exception is Calvin Harris, but I remember him playing with a live band at that time. Great show by the way. Other big headliners this year were Muse and Iron Maiden.

Maybe the best day was day 0, the day before Sziget 2010 officialy started. This was labeled as ‘reggae day’, with The Wailers and UB40 as headliners. Great to enjoy some classic reggae in the summer with a cool beer.

Sziget 2010 drum and bass

At this moment, dubstep was just new for so many people. This was a nice contrast with all the rock music. Before fourteen year old destroyed the genre, dubstep was actually enjoyable. Too bad there was almost no drum and bass at Sziget 2010.

Sziget 2010 rating

Sziget Express 2010 90%
Sziget Festival 2010 line-up 90%
Sziget Festival 2010 drum and bass 30%
Sziget 2010 Overall Rating 80%

Sziget reviews

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