Last week, three of my tracks got uploaded to Spotify. These tracks are Desire, Extra Time and Only You. These tracks originally got published on other media like Soundcloud and YouTube.


Desire is the first track I made and published. DJ-ing was my hobby for a couple of years and I was fooling around a lot with different production tools. I could recognize a pattern here. I started a lot of songs and had a few different tracks with a 30 seconds drop that was banging. It is too bad these tracks did not get a proper intro and build-up. This had to change. I had to finish some tracks. I had to get some tracks on Spotify.

When I worked on Desire, it was my main focus to make a liquid drum and bass tune with piano. It had to be funky and had to give you an afternoon summer beach vibe. A wobbly bass could not miss in my first liquid drum and bass track. I found a good female vocal to complete this track.

Extra Time

Extra Time is the second track I published. This song is my most played and most liked track on Soundcloud. One of the key factors attributing to this popularity, is the addition of some old school samples. Also, I tried to make a responsive song, in which every few bars tend to react on the previous bars. Is seems like the piano and the vocals are responding to each other.

Watch DJ Iron-Ic play Extra Time on Sziget 2016:

Only You

Only You is the third track I finished. This happened in a period where I was playing a lot of piano. The approach I took when making this track was quite different as I used to take normally. I started out with creating the drums. After this I decided to make the whole arrangement on one piano. After this, I could switch some piano midi tracks to use them as the bass line or to use them as the key pattern for the synthesizers. I tried to add some old school breaks into the finished song and I think this worked out pretty good. I think this is one of my better compositions and I am glad it is now available to the public on Spotify.