Just like writers find it difficult to finish writing a book, it is sometimes difficult for producers to actually finish a track. There are two reasons this happens. Let’s imagine you got this great idea for a track, so you start working on it. To create the ideas in the music, you have to learn some new techniques in the process. After a while, you have this track that is okay but you think you can do better now because of the new techniques you have learned. So you start working on a new track. In Project Twenty, I am going to tackle this.
Another possibility to get into this producers block, is because of having too many ideas. As soon as you are working on a track and you create some patterns with a big drop, you are so motivated and directly start a new project. Maybe arranging the track and creating intros and outros is just the most boring work of the whole process.

Creating Project Twenty

There is only one way to finish the problem of not finishing tracks and that is to actually finish them. This is why I started my new project: Project Twenty. It will be an album or EP, depending on the perception of the music from the listeners and my own standards. For now, I will release twenty currently unfinished tracks. Every week, I will finish one of the tracks and post it on Soundcloud.
I think the tempo of finishing one track a week is perfect, as it keeps you from spending too much time on too little details and it keeps you pushing to get in a faster workflow for every track. Still, a week is enough to learn some new techniques when needed.

What you can expect from Project Twenty

Although most of the tracks are going to be liquid drum and bass, not all them will be. Furthermore, not even all tracks will be drum and bass. This is because I also worked on some other genres in the last couple of years. I think these tracks are still worth releasing.

Right now, I already finished three tracks of Project Twenty.

Check out the first track ‘Truth’ here:

Check out the funky second track ‘Santo’ here:

The third track is called ‘Meant to Survive’ and features some deep liquid drum and bass:

Project Twenty Album Release

After I released all my tracks, I will take a look at the statistics and perception of the released tracks and decide which tracks are making it to a final master. These tracks will be featured on the final album. The release will probably be somewhere in June 2017. I am searching for a stage right now to host this party. I will keep you updated!

Meanwhile, be sure to listen to my popular latest liquid drum and bass mix: