In this blog you will learn why I made this new website.

Giving back to the scene

I’m a producer for over ten years now and I have seen a lot of drum and bass producers growing in the scene. They started out as a small local DJ, but are now signed to the biggest drum and bass labels.

I believe that, in this era of easy distribution, it’s actually getting more difficult to get your music out there. Although it’s easy for anybody to get your music on Soundcloud and Spotify, there is just so much music out there. Why would the people start listening to you?

Money influences the way music distributors work

Soundcloud is not making any profits and is trying to find methods to monetize their content. Spotify also has a hard time earning money. Features like ‘discover’ try to get you listening to the same record label all the time. And don’t forget the labels are buying their music into the most popular playlists. Or, they even own the playlists.

Why I made a new website

One of the best ways to get more people to listen to your music, is by building a new website. You do not have to rely on a platform with interests in the big music labels. You do not have to get listeners by buying yourself into a big label. Listeners are going to your new website for free. You only have to make great music and do some SEO to get people to find you on Google.

This new website is completely created by myself. My goal is to give everything I got to give back to the drum and bass scene what I have got out of it. That is a whole lot of love. This website will be filled with new music and blogs with my opinion about performances and new drum ans bass music. Enjoy listening and reading and feel free to comment on everything you want.