When I get asked to play somewhere, I always try to make every DJ set original. The perfect set shoud be an ideal combination of drum and bass classics and new songs. Because liquid drum and bass is relatively unpopular, it is often difficult to use new tracks in every set. Therefore, it is good that liquid drum and bass has tons of classics. The people love to hear some of them once in a while.

Usually, there are two tracks which you will hear in every live set I play. I think these are the best liquid drum and bass tracks. They just give me lots of energy.

DJ Marky – Yellow Shoes

When this track got released, it hit me hard. The drums are perfectly mixed and you can truly feel this. The fluid grooves on Yellow Shoes are complemented by DJ Marky’s own vocals. The clip is also hilarious and almost makes me want to buy yellow shoes.

The track’s hook contains a sample of Luiz Eca & Orquesta Da Cordas jazz track Consolaçao. This explains the organic motion in this song. It still amazes me how well DJ Marky is able to re-use samples like these in his own tracks.

Tyke, Prestige & Cat Knight – Keep Shining

I have not heard a lot of great liquid drum and bass tracks from Tyke. This one though, is a great exception. It has been released on Tyke’s EP Do It Now. Keep Shining is made by Tyke, Prestige and Cat Knight.

Where Yellow Shoes derives most of its energy from wonderfully crafted drums, this track is a perfect combination of all other factors. The vocals synergize perfectly with the piano and bass. And seriously, the pullback on the mid-bass feels so good on this song. Watch DJ Marky his golden reaction while playing this track here:

Truly one of the best liquid drum and bass tracks to hear in a club.