2016 is almost coming to an end. Time to round up the best liquid drum and bass albums released this year.

3. Fred V & Grafix – Oxygen

This album by Fred V & Grafix has a lot of minimal drum and bass, using short kicks and snares. The vocals are greatly produced and get you deeper into the vibes of the atmospheric pianos. The album really is a whole with a unique sound. On the downside, I am missing some liquid drum and bass bangers like they made in the past. And yes, I am pointing at One Of These Days here. The track Comb Funk is used in my liquid drum and bass summer mix of 2016.


1 Ignite (feat. Amy J Pryce)
2 Ultraviolet (Album Mix)
3 Comb Funk (Album Mix)
4 Altitude (feat. Amy J Pryce)
5 Like The SunFred V & Grafix
6 Stay HereFred V & Grafix
7 Nearly ThereFred V & Grafix
8 Rainbow RoadFred V & Grafix
9 OxygenFred V & Grafix
10 VistaFred V & Grafix
11 Together We’re Lost (feat. Franko Fraize and Tone)
12 Electrify (feat. Amy J Pryce)
13 One Of A Kind (feat. Tudor)
14 Our Story (feat. Kele)
15 Living In The Past (feat. Dials)

2. Maduk – Never Give Up

If we discuss a list of the best liquid drum and bass albums of 2016, this one definitely can not miss. With Never Give Up Maduk has given us his first solo album. It is released by his new record label: the major Hospital Records. The young Dutch liquid drum and bass started out at Liquicity and has quickly grown to be one of he biggest names in the scene.

Skill Behaviour and Maduk A38 Budapest

Last year I was playing at the A38 boat in Budapest just before Maduk. His set was amazing. This summer, during Sziget 2016, Maduk played one the best drum and basse sets I have ever heard.
Personal favourite on this album is the track The End. The song reflects an incredible amount of energy and is applicable for every occasion.


1 Nothing More
2 Got Me Thinking (feat. Veela)
3 One Way
4 The End (feat. Voicians)
5 One Last Picture (feat. Kye Sones)
6 Never Give Up
7 Stand By You
8 Not Alone (feat. Duckfront, MVE and Frae) (Album Mix)
9 Just Be Good (feat. Nymfo)
10 Don’t Forget
11 Falling (feat. MVE)
12 Solarize (feat. Logistics) (Album Mix)




1. Logistics – Electric Sun

For me the best liquid drum and bass album of 2016 is Electric Sun, made by Logistics. This album breaths liquid in it’s purest form. When I made my summer mix, it was tough deciding which track to use from this album. I finally decided Tell Me True to be the best fitting track. It is used as the final song of the mix. Other tracks I really like on this album are Cold Light of Day (feat. Sherry Davis), Icarus (feat. Hugh Hardie) and Lost in U (feat. McLean). The vocals by Stella Attar on Take Me To Another World are really catchy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


1 Cold Light Of Day (feat. Sherry Davis)
2 Icarus (feat. Hugh Hardie)
3 Lost In U (feat. McLean)
4 Fight 4 U
5 Take Me To Another World (feat. Stella Attar)
6 Sentimentality7Tell Me TrueLogistics 4:56£0.79
8 Electric Sun (feat. Sherry Davis)
9 Deep Breath
10 Okinawa
11 After Dark
12 Highway 1
13 Still Life (feat. Holly Drummond)
14 Finish Line (feat. Zara Kershaw)